* Must be a Hoboken Resident

* Must be between the ages of 5 and 13 by 12/31/2019. 

* NOTE:  Boys playing travel (all-stars) for youth 9 teams and older have games on Saturday's which conflict with recreation games and will not be able to play in recreation soccer. ​This includes any travel team outside of Hoboken.

Note: The rules for boys travel soccer is in place because games conflict with our rec games (both play on Saturday). In the past this has been very disruptive to our games and league including but not limited to...

* Forfiet of our rec games because most travel players did not show. 

* Travel soccer requirements that their games take priority over Rec.

* Travel soccer restrictions on playing 2 games in a day.

* Travel coaches/ trainers restrictions on playing before their games.

* Travel players not showing to rec team practices.

​* Travel players not showing to games because it was an important "must win" travel game.

* Recreation Playoff and Championship games conflicts and requests to hold off on games because the travel players were not able to play. 

In order to register for the HYSL you must meet the following criteria: 

Who can register for the HYSL?