All Games are governed by FIFA Rules.

* Boys Travel Players U9 and higher will not be able to play. This includes playing for any travel league or club outside of Hoboken.

* All game are not 11 vs. 11 but small sided.

* U5 and U6 games are not official games. Scores and standings are not kept.

* Teams are formed randomly each season.

* Coaches cannot keep the same teams year over year.

* Parents cannot request for players to play on specific teams.

* All players must play at least a half of the entire game unless rosters size does not allow.  



* When are the league games played?

* On Saturday's.  Some make-up games may be played on Sunday or during the week. 

When will the league start?

* Scheduled to Start Sept. 17th

Where and what times are games played (These are only estimates)

* 5 and 6 year olds play at Mama Johnson Park on 4th and Jefferson st. 9am - 1pm

* 7 year olds at the Hoboken Little League or 1600 Park - 9am - 1pm

* 8 and 9 year olds at 1600 park ave. or Frank SInatra Park-  9am - 11am

* 10, 11, 12 and 13 year olds at Frank Sinatra Park. 9am - 2pm 

What is the age cut-off?

* Nov 1st is the age cutoff for all divisions. 

When will the schedule be published?

* Once registration is completed we form the league. Once the league is formed and we know how many teams we will have, we work on the schedule. Usually the schedule is published by the end of August or the first week of September. 

Will players get uniforms?

* Players will get a HYSL shirt.

*Shorts, socks, shinguards, soccer shoes will need to be purchased.  

What will I need to Purchase?

All players must wear shinguards. 

Soccer shoes of any kind or Sneakers may be used.

When is Practice?

* U5 and U6 will practice during their game time. At the hour of game time the first 20 mins will be a warm-up/ practice then right after a 30 minute. 2x15min game. 

* All other age groups practice will be determined by when the coach can make practice. Practices are held at the Hoboken Little League.

How long is the Season?

* The HYSL plays 8 games (weeks) plus playoffs. All Teams make the playoffs.

Can I volunteer to coach? 

* YES!!! We always need coaches or you can ask your current coach to assist.